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Convert PCL to PDF with barcode

VeryPDF PCL Converter is a powerful and simple conversion tool developed for converting PCL files to images, PDF files and PS files. PCL, Printer Command Language, is a file format that is accepted by printers. A printer driver can save any printable file to a PCL file. Then a user can use the PCL file to create a file in other formats.

VeryPDF PCL Converter has a graphical interface and command line interface. You can learn the usage of the graphical interface from the guide page. With the graphical interface, you may convert PCL files to PDF and image files in batches easily.

VeryPDF PCL Converter was updated recently, and the function of the command line interface was strengthened. The command line interface can change specified text of given character number to barcode. This page will show the operation to change character to barcode.

In the installation directory of VeryPDF PCL Converter V 2.6, there is a demo PCL file named TestBill.pcl. You may convert this PCL file to PDF, TestBill.pdf, with the following command line,

pcltool.exe TestBill.pcl TestBill.pdf

In the PDF file, you will see that there is a digit string in the PDF page as shown in the following image.

digit string in PDF

Now you may change the digit string to barcodes with command line of VeryPDF PCL Converter. In this occasion, please make sure that your system has a barcode font installed. If your system has no barcode font, you may use the two demo fonts provided in the installation directory of VeryPDF PCL Converter. Copy the font files, FRE3OF9X.TTF and FREE3OF9.TTF to the font directory of your system, for example, C:\WINDOWS\Fonts, and then you will be able to use the two barcode fonts to change characters to barcodes.

Use the commands to change the digit string to barcodes,

pcltool.exe -barcodetext "*####################*" -barcodefont "Free 3 of 9" TestBill.pcl TestBill-barcode.pdf

In the command line, character "*" represents one any character, and "#" represents a digit character. This command line will search the string that has the same character number as that of the argument string "*####################*", and replace the string with barcodes. The string in the output PDF TestBill-barcode.pdf is now displayed with barcodes. The display effect is snapshotted in the following image.

barcode string in PDF

VeryPDF PCL Converter has more functions than changing string to barcodes, and you can find more information about it on its homepage.

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