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Merge multiple PCL to one PDF

PCL is for Printer Command Language, which is a command language for printers. A printer driver can save a printable document to PCL file on the disk for future process, or send to the printer and print. VeryPDF PCL Converter is a special tool designed for converting PCL files to other formats, like image (BMP, PNG, TIFF), PDF and PS.

VeryPDF PCL Converter has a graphical interface that can implement the basic functions. Most advanced functions can be implemented through the command line interface. The command line interface can perform all the functions provided by the graphical interface.

A basic usage of the command line is as the following,

pcltool <input pcl> [<output files >]

For example, to convert a PCL file in.pcl to PDF out.pdf, you can use the following commands,

pcltool in.pcl out.pdf

To convert a PCL input.pcl to JPEG output.jpg, you may use the commands like

pcltool input.pcl output.jpg

To combine multiple PCL files to one single PDF file, you may use the following command lines.

pcltool one.pcl one.pdf
pcltool two.pcl two.pdf
pcltool three.pcl three.pdf

The commands convert the three PCL files, one.pcl, two.pcl and three.pcl to PDF files, one.pdf, two.pdf and three pdf.

Then you could use the commands to merge the output PDF files to one PDF file, single.pdf.

pcltool -mergepdf "one.pdf|two.pdf|three.pdf" single.pdf

Now the three PCL files, one.pcl, two.pcl and three.pcl are merged to one PDF single.pdf.

    The option mergepdf supports the following four kinds of arguments:

  • Specify all the input PDF files with "|" separating each other:
  • -mergepdf "file1|file2|file3|..."
  • Specify the input PDF file names in a text list file:
  • -mergepdf  filelist.txt
  • Process all PDF files in the directory:
  • -mergepdf C:\directory\*.pdf
  • Extract some pages of the input PDF to new PDF (page 3-5 and 7-9 will be extracted in the following example):
  • -mergepdf input.pdf*3-5*7-9

To learn more options and arguments of the command line program pcltool.exe, please run the program with no argument and option like


And then the option description will be displayed in the command prompt window.

Visit the homepage of VeryPDF PCL Converter to learn more about the application.

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