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PDFcamp Printer


PDFcamp Printer

  • Convert printable documents to PDF.
  • Convert documents to PDF in batches.
  • Embed into third-party software.

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v2.3 (32-bit), v3.0 (64-bit)

PDFcamp Printer is an application designed for converting any printable document to PDF by a virtual printer. PDFcamp Printer Pro has all the features of PDFcamp Printer, and this article will describe the usage of PDFcamp Printer Pro.

1. Download and install 2. Use virtual printer
3. Use graphical user interface program 4. Use Office plugin

Download and install

Click to download PDFcamp Printer Pro, download PDFcamp Printer (32-bit) or PDFcamp Printer (64-bit). PDFcamp Printer Pro has all the functions of PDFcamp Printer. These applications are free for trial, and you can get a license from the purchase page.

After installing PDFcamp Printer Pro, you will see a virtual printer named "PDFcamp Printer" in your system. In the installation directory, the executable "BatchPDF.exe" is a GUI program for batch conversion from documents to PDF.

Use virtual printer

The virtual printer is the main part of PDFcamp Printer Pro, and it is contained in both PDFcamp Printer Pro and PDFcamp Printer. It can convert any printable document to PDF.

Open the printable document with an appropriate application, for example, open a Word document with Microsoft Word, and then start the Print process in the application.
Choose the printer PDFcamp Printer in the Print dialog as displayed in the following image. Then proceed to print, and choose a folder to save the PDF file. The opened Word document is now converted to PDF.

Choose PDFcamp Printer

Virtual printer has a number of options and you can set them by Printing Preference in the printer properties.
The next image shows the Printing Preferences of PDFcamp Printer.

PDFcamp options

In this setting dialog, you can set the page options, compression options, PDF descriptions, save options, fonts, encryption options, options of hyperlinks in the page, and whether to email the converted PDF automatically. In the About tab you may register PDFcamp Printer to remove the function limitations of trial version.

Use graphical user interface program

In the installation directory, the executable file "BatchPDF.exe" can be used for batch conversion. Run the program, and then you will see the interface. Drag and drop one or multiple printable documents, e.g., Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML file, to the interface, and the program will convert the documents to PDF instantly.

Use Office plugin

PDFcamp Printer Pro will install a PDF conversion plugin in your installed Microsoft Office suite. You can see the button Create PDF on the toolbar of your Microsoft Office interface. Combine the email and encryption settings, you may use the plugin convert the Office document to PDF, encrypt the PDF, and send it automatically.

Office of PDFcamp Printer



As to the development component, Doc Converter COM, you can learn the usage on the manual page.

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