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PDF Optimizer Command Line

PDF is a popular file format for document storing. It supports being compressed for saving storage space and viewing time. You can compress and optimize a PDF with PDF Optimizer Command Line.

PDF Optimizer Command Line is a command based tool for compressing and optimizing PDF files. It has three separate versions for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. As a command operation tool, the commands and options of the three version programs are the same. So, you will know how to use the Windows and Linux version programs after you learning the usage of the Mac OS version program.

This article is a short guide of using Mac OS version PDF Optimizer Command Line. This program is free to try and download. After you download the package of the program, you can see that it is a DMG disk image file. You can mount the DMG file, or extract the package to your Mac OS system. The executable file of the program is located in sub directory bin. Open a terminal window in your Mac OS, and you now are ready to use the program.

The usage rule of PDF Optimizer Command Line is as the follow

pdftoolbox <input files> [options] <-outfile output>

You should specify input PDF files in filed input and output files in field output after option -outfile. Field of options is for specifying specific options of specific functions.

PDF Optimizer Command Line can compress stream objects of a PDF to reduce the storage size of the PDF. Then you can easily share the PDF online or send to other people. The commands for compressing a PDF are

pdftoolbox in.pdf -outfile out.pdf -pack

Using the option -pack, the command line will compress the input PDF in.pdf and saves the compressed PDF as out.pdf.

PDF Optimizer Command Line has more functions and options. You can learn them by inputting the command pdftoolbox without any options and arguments to show the manual of it. For PDF Optimizer Command Line is not a professional PDF optimizing tool, and, if you need better optimization effect, you can use the program PDF Compressor.

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