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Encrypt PDF Command Line Options

Limitations in the trial version:
1.Popup a message box.
2.The trial version is can only process the first half pages from your original PDF file.
3.Remove Outlines, Metadata, AcroForm information from some special PDF documents.
Usage: EncryptPDF [options]
Copyright (C) 2000-2006 by VeryPDF Inc
Website: http://www.verypdf.com
Email: support@verypdf.com
Build: Jan 27 2007
-i [PDF file name] : input PDF filename or directory.
-o [PDF file name] : PDF file will be generated.
If you not specify the -o parameter, the default output file will overwrite the input PDF file.
-u                 : user password.
-w                 : owner password.
-p                 : permission print.
-c                 : permission copy.
-m                 : permission modify.
-n                 : enable adding and changing text notes and AcroForm fields.
-e [128 or 40 ]    : set encrypt level.
-k                 : set for all permission bits.
-v                 : view the PDF file after encrypt.
-l [log file name] : specify log file for output message.
-r [License Key ]  : input License Key for this product.
-?                 : help.
-h                 : help.
  EncryptPDF -i c:\sample.pdf -o c:\out.pdf -w owner -u user -l c:\out.log
  EncryptPDF -i c:\sample.pdf -w owner -u user -e 40 -p
  EncryptPDF -i c:\sample.pdf -w owner -u user -e 40 -k -828
  EncryptPDF -i c:\pdfdir\ -o d:\ -w owner -p -c -m -l c:\error.log

Q: How to use EncryptPDF Command Line tool?
A: Start the DOS command line window (i.e. run "cmd" command from "Start Menu"->"Run"); then run the EncryptPDF command from the command line window (EncryptPDF.exe software can be found in your EncryptPDF decompression directory).

Q: How to register the EncryptPDF Command Line tool?
A: Please run the following command in your command line window, please replace "ABCDEFGH" with your registration key, once you registered this software, you needn't register it again.
    EncryptPDF -r "ABCDEFGH"

Q: How to set the permissions to an existing PDF file with Encrypt PDF Command Line product?
A: You can use "-k" parameter in Encrypt PDF Command Line product to set the permissions to your PDF files, for example,

encryptpdf.exe -k -828 -i C:\test.pdf -o C:\out.pdf


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There are many other software have the encryption function, such as Image2PDF, PDFcamp Printer, HTML Converter, AutoCAD DWG and DXF To PDF Converter, Free Text To PDF Converter. They use the same in common algorithm RC4 or MD5 and allow to create owner password and user password to protect PDF file. For the usage, please visit www.verypdf.com.