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VC++ Example for PDF to Image Converter SDK

void ConvertPDFToImageFile()
    char *szPDFFileName = "C:\\in.pdf"
    char *szOutputName = "C:\\out.tif"
    int pagecount = PDFToImageGetPageCount(szPDFFileName);
    printf("Filename is: %s\n",szPDFFileName);
    printf("Page count is: %d\n",pagecount);
    for(int page = 1; page <= pagecount; page++)
        double fPageBox[4];
        int result = PDFToImageGetPageBox(szPDFFileName,page,fPageBox);
        printf("Page %3d box is: [%f,%f,%f,%f]\n",page,fPageBox[0],fPageBox[1],fPageBox[2],fPageBox[3]);
        int iPageWidth = PDFToImageGetPageWidth(szPDFFileName,page);
        int iPageHeight = PDFToImageGetPageHeight(szPDFFileName,page);

    int iBeginTick = GetTickCount();
    int result = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,szOutputName,NULL,NULL,150,150,24, COMPRESSION_PACKBITS,70,FALSE,TRUE,-1,-1);

    //Convert PDF file to 204x98DPI TIFF-F File,
    //int result = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,szOutputName,NULL,NULL,200,200,24, COMPRESSION_CLASSF,100,FALSE,FALSE,-1,-1);

    //Convert PDF file to 204x196DPI TIFF-F File,
    //int result = PDFToImageConverter(szPDFFileName,szOutputName,NULL,NULL,300,300,24, COMPRESSION_CLASSF196,100,FALSE,FALSE,-1,-1);

    int iEndTick = GetTickCount();

    //Draw a PDF file to HDC directly
    //HBITMAP hBitmap = PDFToImageDrawToHDC(szPDFFileName,GetDC(NULL),NULL,NULL,100,100,24,FALSE,1);
    //       DeleteObject(hBitmap);
    //result = TIFFImageSetOptions(szOutputName,-1,1,COMPRESSION_NONE);
    printf("PageCount = %d, Return value is %d, time = %d ms\n",pagecount,result,iEndTick-iBeginTick);

PDF To Image Converter COM component user manual
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