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Create PDF Suite - PDFcamp (PDF Writer) + DocConverter COM
HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS to PDF File Converter - MS Word Conversion Tool 

Create PDF Suite (incorporate PDFcamp + DocConverter COM) will be the simplest method to convert your internet pages and DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files into PDF documents, Create PDF quickly and accurately transforms well-formed HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files into PDF files, the Produce PDF Suite supports each server and consumer sides, the end-user does not will need any software program (Adobe Acrobat and Reader NOT required).

Generate PDF Suite (consist of PDFcamp + DocConverter COM) provides you the flexibility and pace you have to convert multiple HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files into PDF format. Whatever the reason, PDF files may be produced directly from MS World wide web Explorer (or at history) as well as emailed to a recipient/recipients concurrently.

Produce PDF Suite Capabilities:
Develop PDF Suite can create page headers, footers and web page numbers
Generate PDF Suite can convert HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files to PDF files around the fly
Produce PDF Suite supports adjust paper orientation and size to accommodate HTML paperwork
Generate PDF Suite supports nested tables
Develop PDF Suite supports all components in HTML document, include asp, cgi, css, Java Applets, flash, cookie etc.
Generate PDF Suite supports dynamic page breaks with headers and footers
Develop PDF Suite supports convert a URL or local file to PDF file
Develop PDF Suite can convert .doc/.html/.rtf/.txt/.xls etc files to PDF files from a Command Line Tool, this Instrument without having any user intervention
Produce PDF Suite supports command line operation (for manual use or inclusion in scripts)
a lot more...

How convert a HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files to PDF files with DocConverter COM?
Step 1:
    Please download and install the PDFcamp (PDF Writer) software,
Step 2:
    Please download and register the DocConverter COM software,
    Please register the pdfout.dll file in your system, for example,
    regsvr32 pdfout.dll
Step 3:
    Please run the html2pdf.exe software from the Command Line Window to try, the html2pdf.exe software is included in the DocConverter COM package,
    For example:
    html2pdf.exe "http://www.yahoo.com" "c:\yahoo.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "http://www.google.com/search?sourceid=navclient&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&q=pdf" "c:\google.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "C:\example.doc" "C:\example.pdf"
    html2pdf.exe "C:\example.xls" "C:\example.pdf"
Step 4:
    Congratulations! You have converted HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files to PDF documents now.
Step 5:
    Now, you can call the html2pdf.exe software from your Delphi, C++, VB, BCB etc. applications.

Develop PDF Suite - Changing your HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files to PDFs has in no way been easier! Mix numerous of one's HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files right into a single PDF file. Convert a HTML file right into a PDF file, or convert ANY file format to PDF file! Now pick from more choices when changing your HTML, DOC, RTF, TXT, PPT, XLS files to PDF! Produce PDF Suite has the ability to add embedded fonts, safety alternatives, and more for your PDF output. Click here to learn more...

If you have Adobe Acrobat installed in your system, you can also use Adobe Acrobat to create the PDF files from Word document.

The strategy to develop a PDF file from a Word document

To generate a PDF, you will desire to ideally acquire a duplicate of Adobe Acrobat, (not the Reader, that is no cost, even so the total item). Alternatively, it really is feasible to put inside a PostScript driver and use a 3rd celebration merchandise for example Ghostscript.

Developing utilization of Acrobat. Adobe Acrobat 4.05 is really a massive advancement on its predecessors. If you create it, it installs a PDFMaker add-in inside the startup folders with the MS Workplace applications. The add-in puts a "Develop PDF" button onto a toolbar, and onto the Insert menu, of Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Previously versions also create a PDFMaker add-in, however the brand new one is significantly superior.

Configuring Acrobat for optimum results
The PDFMaker macro "prints" the Word document to a PostScript file, which it then sends to Acrobat Distiller. Distiller is really a separate pc computer software, which generates a PDF file within the PostScript file. Lastly, the PDF file is opened in Acrobat, so it is achievable to determine it and make a lot more modifications.

When you operate the PDFMaker macro, a dialog permits you to determine on, amongst other factors:

1. Which heading (or other) varieties you need to be converted into "bookmarks", inside the PDF. PDF Bookmarks may well be utilized a little including the "Document Map", see in Word, but you've significantly far more handle more than the PDF bookmark pane, as an example, you'll be able to deal with no matter regardless of whether or not the main headings are collapsed or expanded (or almost certainly a mixture of both) when an individual opens your PDF document.

2. Whether or not the bookmark pane really should be visible once the customer opens the document (for just about any lengthy document, I'd strongly suggest you make particular it is visible, it is a huge help to navigation).

3. No matter regardless of whether or not the table of contents, and/or other hyperlinks ought to become converted into hyperlinks within the PDF, also as what influence, if any, there truly should be once the user hovers far more than a hyperlink.

4. What see (whole web page, web page width, and so forth) the document must open in, and what watch it need to be shown in once the person clicks around the bookmark within the bookmark pane. (I suggest Match Window for that prior and Match Width for the latter)

5. Which Distiller "profile" ought to be utilised (coming to that shortly).

You are going to locate other choices you'll have the ability to configure inside the dialog also, but they are a few of the crucial ones. The dialog retains all the settings, so the subsequent time you print, you will not need to set them when a lot more; which indicates a IT administrator can configure users' settings for them when, and non-technical end users will then maintain the ability to generate excellent PDFs with minimum coaching. Or a great deal greater nevertheless, generate an "image" and download it to new end finish customers.

The settings within the Distiller pc software can also be extremely vital. When a good deal a lot more, they're not user-friendly, but do retain their settings, so only ought to be configured the moment per customer.

In Distiller you may discover three Job Options. The only two I use are Print Optimised and Exhibit Optimised. For world wide web function, it really is typically far much better to make use of the latter; for some thing precisely exactly where print top quality is important I'd strongly recommend the before. The versions is inside the print best top quality through the graphics; and in regardless of whether fonts get embedded or basically simulated (each of which effect the file dimensions with all of the resulting PDF). In each situations, within the event you'd including the colors within the PDF to lookup precisely the fairly identical on display because they looked in Word, you can have to generate a alter for that default settings (I warned you it totally was not user-friendly!). To complete so:

1. Open Distiller and choose the associated function alternative.

2. On the Settings menu, pick Function Selections.

3. Inside the Colour tab, select Leave shade unchanged.

4. Click on on Alright.

5. Getting carried out this, you're inside a place to then use the PDFMaker macro's dialog to pick which job option you'll want to use for the particular PDF you're creating.

1 much more one-off configuration physical bodily exercise you could have to carry out (a minimum of if you are not primarily based mostly within the US!) could be to choose on Commence off + Settings + Printers. Right-click regarding the Acrobat Distiller icon and select Attributes. Around the Paper tab, Letter will most likely be picked. Inside the event you don't want your PDFs to turn out to be in US Letter format alter it (to A4 or what really you're utilizing).

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