doc2any html convert problem


I'm not able to convert a pdf file

run command like c:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe c:\doc\a.html c:\a.pdf
then doc2any was make pdf file

When i opend the a.pdf file, i see the html code.

like this


why does this happens?
Licensing issues?

i use only the command line to run

i use doc2any on windows2008 R2 (64)
and i.e version is 8

html conversion engine is i.e ?

Do i need some setting ? like a "Explorer Security level"
i only use commad line

please answer

thank you

Please add -debug parameter to try again, -debug parameter will output some detailed log message, these log message will help us to find out where is wrong quickly,

c:\doc2any_cmd\doc2any.exe -debug c:\doc\a.html c:\a.pdf

additionally, you can also download docPrint Pro v5.0 product from following web page to try,

you can run following command line to convert your HTML file to PDF file,

"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -i C:\test.htm -o C:\out.pdf

We hoping docPrint Pro v5.0 product will work fine for you too.


thanks yuo for your support
but i have a new problem

doc2any is runnig on 2008R2 iis 7.5
and i made a site by aspx
aspx page had run doc2any.exe. but doc2any.exe is not make pdf file
doc2any is only just run, it is not work

i use process exploer(made by MS) , searching doc2any.exe

doc2any is waiting user request. you see screenshot1
is that right? doc2any waiting user request?
how can i fix it

what is wrong ? is this Permission problem?
same source is very good working on windows 2003 server(dev-server)

and You suggested docPrint Pro v5.0 is looks like good
but I can not be used.
Because, click ok, and after the press run had to be
thank you
You need give enough permission to MS Word DCOM, please refer to following web page for more information,


thank you for your reply

i read your reply, but i don't under stand. i don't give any  permission to MS Word DCOM

i can't find MS Word DCOM, I did not even been installed MS-OFFICE

my code be alike your eaxmle #1 (C# example)

i can't get solution?

thanks you

You need install MS Office in order to convert DOC or DOCX or PPT or PPTX or XLS or XLSX documents to PDF files, if your system hasn't MS Office installed, the conversion will fail, please notice this matter.

Example #1 (C# example)  is for desktop application only, if you wish run the conversion in the web service, you need give enough permission to MS Word DCOM, after you installed MS Office, please run following command line, then you will able to find the MS Word DCOM, please to try,

MMC comexp.msc /32

Hi thank you
i read your reply, i understand DOC, DOCX....
but i want converting html to pdf
only html file
is it require ms office ?
thank you
No, HTML format is not require the MS Office.

just for checking, can you convert your HTML file to PDF file correctly by following command line?

doc2any.exe -debug C:\test.htm C:\out.pdf

if you still can’t get it work in CMD window, please email to us the log message, after we checked your log message, we will figure out a solution to you asap.

If you can run it in CMD window, it is indicate something is wrong in your web service. You need give enough permission to your web service, you can run your web service inside Administrator user account instead of SYSTEM account to try again.

Additionally, we have released a HTML to PDF Web service recently, you can test it from following web page,

This HTML to PDF Converter service is using our technology, everything is fine.

If you still can’t solve this problem, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, after we logged into your test machine, we will research this problem for you asap.


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