How to call PDF Print Command Line from VBScript?

I have a registered version of PDFPrint, which we run via a script created batch file. However, this wont run on our 64bit server where it needs to for terminal server users. Is it possible to run PDFPrint from a VBScript ? I use VBScript in other parts of this database system and would like to move our PDF Print parts over to it as well. All it needs to do is pint a specific PDF file to a specific printer. We do use things like your overprint facility.
If PDF Print cant do it, what would you suggest?
Yes, you can call pdfprint.exe from your VBScript, that's no problem.

Please run your VBScript from administrator user account, then you will get it work, please to try.

The VBS script works well now 🙂 very pleased.

I do have two more questions for you though.

1/ The pdfprint takes like 6 seconds to print each individual job, which over 500 invoices takes an awful long time! Is there anyway to speed it up?
Here is the command line used:

x:\ffenics\wealdenad\pdfprint\pdfprint.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX" -printermargins -raster2 -wtype 0 -wo 20 -printer "\\waserver\InvoicePrinter"
"x:\ffenics\wealdenad\pdf\invoices\90000545.pdf" -wtext ""

There was a noticeable slow down when we had to add the -raster2 line to make the pdf's print correctly.

2/ Is it possible to use pdfprint to print a pdf file, with a text overlay but make the whole lot create a new pdf file, effectively merging the old file and overlay? We create pdf invoices, and currently send out copies with 'certified Copy Invoice' over them, but need to send that via email now too, and cant do the merge. So making a new pdf from old then sending that new one as an attachment is the idea. Did that make sense?


Thanks for your message, we haven't a good solution to improve the speed at the moment, however, you can use -shell or -shell2 parameter to try again, "-shell" or "-shell2" parameter will print your PDF files faster,

pdfprint.exe -shell C:\test.pdf
pdfprint.exe -shell2 C:\test.pdf

Our PDFPrint Command Line hasn't "overlay with another PDF file" function, your suggestion is great, we will try to implement this function in the future releases.


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