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Hi Support,

I am experiencing a problem which I cannot figure out. I have installed VeryPDF on my server and have written a program to create PDFs from PCL files. This works great but when I turned it over to my assistant (she has her own login), the command fails for her. She has full rights to the VeryPDF directory but when she executes PCLTOOL.EXE, she receives this error:

Create "d:\verypdf\invoices\R11728-141456.pdf" file failed.
Conversion time = 109ms
d:\verypdf\invoices\R11728-141456 ==> d:\verypdf\invoices\R11728-141456.pdf, result=ERROR
TickCount = 109ms(0.11s)

I run it under my login and my results shows this:

Conversion time = 484ms
d:\verypdf\invoices\R11728-141456 ==> d:\verypdf\invoices\R11728-141456.pdf, result=OK
TickCount = 484ms(0.48s)

Can you shed any light on this? I do not know why it failed to create the PDF under her login but my login was perfectly fine.
This problem seems caused by permission issues, please add "she" user account to Administrator group to try again, we hoping this solution will helpful to you.

I don't understand why I have to move users into Administrator group. This is not recommended in network setups. Should I uninstall and install under her login instead?
I guess this user hasn't write permission to "d:\verypdf\invoices\" folder, you may give read/write permission to this folder to this user account to try again.

The user does have write permission to the directory. She first runs a job to create the pcl print job in the directory, then she runs the pcltool which fails. So she has the rights but your command fails to execute. Do you have any other suggestions? I mentioned that maybe I should uninstall then have her install.

Yes, you can reinstall a copy of PCL Converter from her account to try again, if you still can't get PCL to PDF Converter work, please also give Read/Write/Execute permissions to following folders in order to run pcltool.exe command line application properly,

1. "C:\Program Files\VeryPDF PCL Converter v2.0" folder and its subdirectories, (installation folder)
2. "C:\windows\System32" folder, because pcltool.exe need read/write your License information from/to system32 folder,
3. Input folder for PCL files,
4. Output folder for PDF files,
5. "C:\windows" folder, pcltool.exe does create some temp files to "C:\windows" folder,
6. "C:\windows\fonts" folder,
7. "C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\Local Settings\Temp" folder,

After you give these permissions to these folders, you will able to run pcltool.exe without any restrictions on your server.

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  1. I have a similar issue where I get the \”Create file failed.\” message. I can make it work if I create an empty file before I issue the pcltool command. I suspect this is a bug.

    It is wrong to require permissions write permissions to any of the protected system folders.

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