PDF to PDF conversion -> adding encryption and header

I have been successfully using your DocPrint Pro product for some time now to convert rtf files to pdf files from the command line.

Now I have the need to create pdf files with bookmarks - the bookmarks coming from the heading styles in the rtf files (which are generated by MS Word).  I still need to do this from the command line.

Do you have an update to DocPrint Pro that can do this.  If not, can any of your other products do this?  It is essential that it is done from the command line, not a GUI.
Hi again,

In addition to my question below, one other option would be a command line utility that can take a pdf that already has bookmarks, and from the command line can convert this into an encrypted pdf with the same bookmarks, and add either a header or watermark.  So:

input: pdf with bookmarks.

output: pdf with bookmarks, password to open, restricted printing/copying and watermark.

Do you have a tool that could do that?

Yes, our Encrypt PDF Command Line v2.3 product has this function, please download Encrypt PDF Command Line v2.3 from following page to try,



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