Question on Faxable ClassF TIFF

I have a question regarding a Tiff file that is generated using CCIT FAX3. The Fax machine cannot recognize the Tiff image.
The created Tiff image doenst have Group3Options tag. Do you know why CCIT FAX3 is not supporting our Fax machine.

Please see the attached files for the pdf and tiff output file.
Thanks for your message, Fax machine is support ClassF TIFF format only, CCITT FAX3 is not equal to ClassF TIFF format, you should convert normal TIFF format to ClassF TIFF format, then you will able to fax ClassF TIFF file properly.

Isn't our CCITT Group 3 Fax from TiffCompression property is a class F category?
Below are all the list that we have from our dll:


Which one of the list above that considers as ClassF?
Are you saying that CNV_TIFF_COMPRESSION_CCITTFAX3 is not equal to CLASS F?
If so, how do I convert normal tiff format to class F tiff format?
The following methods can be used to create ClassF formats, you can use following methods to try,

CNV_TIFF_COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X98_G3        ; Create 204x98 DPI, G3 ClassF TIFF file
CNV_TIFF_COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G3       ; Create 204x196 DPI, G3 ClassF TIFF file
CNV_TIFF_COMPRESSION_CLASSF204x98_G4        ; Create 204x98 DPI, G4 ClassF TIFF file
CNV_TIFF_COMPRESSION_CLASSF204X196_G4       ; Create 204x196 DPI, G4 ClassF TIFF file

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