RTF to PDF question by htmltools.exe application

Good Afternoon.
We are testing verypdf sof to convert rtf to PDf.
The input file is texto1.rtf
I have been making some tests, but the Output pdf is not the same layout as the rtf input file, for example:
-In the rtf file there is the following text:  N/Referencia    TRE-0023-023037/0.
-In the PDf file, there is the following test:
Also, the upper left date is cutted in the PDF file.
As you may see, it is not the same leyout.
My question is how do i have to config the program to obtain the PDF with the same layout as the rtf file?
In the zip attached file, i send the files  that i am using.
The command line is: htmltools.exe -width 612 -height 792 -emfheight 792 -margin 10x10x10x10 texto1.rtf texto1.pdf
I'll buy this product if you can help me get it to convert word doc files to pdf.

The first example fails with a .doc file. The second words with a .rtf file.

I'm running this on a windows 7 computer.

C:\htmltools.exe -margin 100x100x100x100 example.doc ex.pdf
You have 294 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from
Conversion time = 0ms
C:\Users\My Documents\apps\htmltools\htmltools\example.doc ==> C:\Use
rs\My Documents\apps\htmltools\htmltools\ex.pdf, result=ERROR
TickCount = 0ms(0.00s), Result = 0

C:\htmltools.exe -margin 100x100x100x100 example.rtf ex.pdf
You have 293 time to evaluate this product, you may purchase a full version from
Conversion time = 874ms
C:\Users\My Documents\apps\htmltools\htmltools\example.rtf ==> C:\Use
rs\My Documents\apps\htmltools\htmltools\ex.pdf, result=OK
TickCount = 874ms(0.87s), Result = 1

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