Testing odt / docx to HTML conversion


I’ve been testing doc2any.exe for DOCX and ODT conversion to HTML.

It worked well with single file testing but when I tried to use it with a lot of documents (250) I encountered these issues :
- A lot of winword.exe remaining processes
- Almost no file converted (the same files that were successfully converted while testing single files)
- I ran out of testing credits and could not try with parameters such as “delay” or “killoffice”.

The application I would like to plug doc2any to, processes several thousand emails a day and convert doc, rtf and pdf to HTML.

We would like to add ODT and DOCX conversion too.
We receive an average of 320 docx and 40 odt a day . These numbers are slowly rising.

What can you advise us for configuration ?
Can you send us another trial license so we can check if doc2any is the right application for us ?

Thanks in advance.
We haven't another trial license at the moment, please understand.

We suggest you may convert your documents to PDF files one by one, for example,

Doc2any.exe C:\001.doc C:\001.pdf
Doc2any.exe C:\002.doc C:\002.pdf
Doc2any.exe C:\003.doc C:\003.pdf

If you are convert your documents to PDF files one by one, then you can convert your documents to PDF files properly, please to try.


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