Will PDF to HTML Converter support Czech language?

Hi verypdf team!

First let me tell you we’ve been using pdf2html for a year and a half now, with great satisfaction.

But we are now facing an issue when converting pdf files (to HTML) written in Czech language. All Czech specific characters are not converted correctly. It looks like character sets other than Western Europe Latin are not supported. So far, we’ve been only converting pdf files written in English, French, German and Italian, and we didn’t encounter this issue before…

So my question is simple:
- Does pdf2html support other languages than those listed on your website: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish?
- If yes, is there a special command line parameter for this? (we are using command line version 3.2)
- If not, how can we fix this?
       -> Can you do specific development for us? How much could it be? How long could it take? Please send a quote if
       -> Otherwise do we have to modify source code by ourselves?
       -> Finally, is there another product converting pdf files to html with same performance/quality level but supporting Eastern Europe languages (or UTF8/Unicode) ?

If you want me to provide an example of pdf illustrating the issue, just let me know… Command line we use to convert:

       pdf2html.exe -single -nojscript -file:"source.pdf" -dest:"dest.html" -fontsize:13
We hope we’ll find a solution quickly!

The current version of PDF to HTML Converter doesn't support Czech language yet, we are planning support Czech language in the future releases.


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