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Hi there,

I rebuilt my machine and want to re-install the doc2print driver which I have an application integrated with (my application converts documents to image).

But I cannot download the driver from your website.

Below is the error I had when clicking on the link to download:

We encountered an internal error. Please try again.

Please let me know asap because I need to launch my application again.

Thanks for your message, are you using docPrint product? if yes, you can download it from our website directly,


Thanks a lot for your help. I installed the driver.

But I have problem to generate image for MS Office document, hope you can help me. My situation is:
1. I have a schedule job written in Java to load all documents that need to generate preview.
2. From the job, I call my business logic to generate the previews for selected document.
3. In my business logic (written in Java), I create a bat file (whose the content is "demo_converter_cmd.exe input_test.pdf output_test.jpg" ) and execute that file
4. Everything runs fine until my business logic has to generate previews for MS Office document, it's stuck in the process of executing the bat file forever.
5. There is no problem on my developer machine (32-bit), but the problem occurs on production server (64-bit)

I am looking forward to your help.

Just for checking, can you run following command line to convert your DOC file to JPG files correctly by manual?

"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" -i C:\input.doc -o C:\output%.jpg

If you can run above command line to convert DOC file to JPG file by manual in CMD window, you can call "C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" from your Java code directly to convert DOC files to JPEG files, you can also use Example 6 or Example 7 at following web page,

if you have any other questions for the docPrint Pro product, please refer to following web page,


I really appreciate your reply. The reason why I have to run the cmd as "demo_converter_cmd.exe input_test.pdf output_test.jpg" because I have to manually modify the C++ code to serve our purpose, So what's going wrong with my way?
demo_converter_cmd.exe does convert PDF file to JPEG files too, demo_converter_cmd.exe is call the docPrint_DocumentConverter() function to convert PDF file to JPEG files, in general, this function should work without any problem.

However, you can also use CreateProcess() function to call "C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\doc2pdf.exe" to convert PDF file to JPEG files directly, for example,

Char *lpCmd = "\"C:\\Program Files\\docPrint Pro v5.0\\doc2pdf.exe\" -i C:\\input.doc -o C:\\output%.jpg";

PROCESS_INFORMATION ProcessInfo; //This is what we get as an [out] parameter
STARTUPINFO StartupInfo; //This is an [in] parameter
ZeroMemory(&StartupInfo, sizeof(StartupInfo));
StartupInfo.cb = sizeof StartupInfo ; //Only compulsory field
if(CreateProcess(lpCmd, NULL, NULL,NULL,FALSE,0,NULL, NULL,&StartupInfo,&ProcessInfo))
MessageBox("The process could not be started...");

We hoping this solution will work fine to you, you may give it a try.


Thanks a lot for your help.

However, I could not resolve my problem yet. I wonder how I can specify my license key in your suggestion (sample of how to run by java)?
Whenever I try to generate previews for MS Office documents, the process of doc2pdf.exe keeps running in Task Manager (I left the process run for 12hours but seems to run endlessly).

I am looking forward to your help.

Please refer to example 6 and example 7 at following web page, these examples may helpful to you,

Example 6: Run conversion via "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

Please by following steps to run conversion via "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

1. Please login your server via Remote Desktop under Administrator user account (or other user accounts who own Administrator right),

2. Please run "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

"C:\Program Files\docPrint Pro v5.0\docPrint_Service.exe"

3. Call RunCmd() method to deliver a command line to "docPrint_Service.exe" application,

PHP example,

$com = new COM("DocPrintCom.docPrint");
$com->docPrintCOM_Register("XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"," Inc.");
$com->RunCmd("-i -o C:\\test\\output.pdf -* XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d -O 2 -s ShowHTMLStatusBar=1 -l 10000", 0);

VB example,

Private Sub Command1_Click()
Set docPrint = CreateObject("DocPrintCom.docPrint")
nRet = docPrint.docPrintCOM_Register("XXXXXXXXXXXXXX", " Company")
nRet = docPrint.RunCmd("-i -o C:\output.pdf -* XXXXXXXXXXXXXX -d -O 2 -s ShowHTMLStatusBar=1 -l 10000", 0)
MsgBox "Return value = " & Str(nRet)
End Sub

4. Close Remote Desktop and leave this user logged in.

*Please Notice: After you reboot the server, you need login your server via Remote Desktop with this user account ("docPrint_Service.exe" was installed inside this user account), and close Remote Desktop, leave this user logged in, when you call RunCmd() function, the conversion will be executed from this user account automatically.

If you still can’t get above example to work, please create a remote desktop account on your test machine, we will login your test machine to solve this problem for you asap.



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