Free tools and utilities included in docPrint PDF Driver

1.  What is the difference between setup.exe and setupx64.exe?  Can I always just run setup.exe on any workstation?

2.  There are many other exe files in the psdriver folder.  Are there any that I will need to know what they mean?

3.  I was able to write code to test for when the file was done printing by trying to rename the file and testing for errors.  It seems to work.

Do you think this will be okay to do so that I do not have to access the registry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\verypdf\pdfcamp PrintingStatus=?? for this operation?
setup.exe is an install for x86 system,
setupx64.exe is an installer for x64 system.

Yes, you can always use setup.exe to install the printer, on the x64 system, setup.exe will call setupx64.exe automatically on the x64 system.

addpdfprinter.exe is used to add more PDF printers into system, it is useful for concurrent printing purpose.
batchaddprinters.bat will install 20 PDF printers into system at one time.
convert.exe will convert image format, it is called by PDF Driver internally.
pdfconfiggui.exe will configurate the parameters to PDF Drivers, you can use it to set parameters to more PDF Printers.
pdfcp.exe is call by PDF Driver internally, it will convert PS files to PDF, EPS, TIFF, JPG, PNG, etc. vector and raster image formats.
tiffcp.exe is used to compress TIFF files.
trimimage.exe is used to crop and trim image files, it will remove the margins from image files.
Other DLL files are called by PDF Driver internally.

Yes, try to rename the output PDF file is a good solution, because if PDF file is in use, the rename function will always fail, so you can use rename function to check if PDF file be created completely or not, if the output PDF file is still in use, rename function will failed immediately.


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