Highlight keyword in XPS document

Is it possible with your library to find text and highlight(custom color), and save an new XPS.
Please provide a sample version to see the results, and the proposed price Given these files and list of Terms with Color, highlight.
Thanks for your message, we can Highlight text keyword in your XPS file, please look at attached XPS file, we have highlight the "VeryPDF - PDF Writer, PDF Creator, PDF Converter, Convert PDF to WORD DOC, HTML to PDF, PDF Editor Converters" text line in this XPS file, the new XPS file looks fine.

hightlight keyword in xps document
hightlight keyword in xps document


the XPS document can be highlighted by following sample code,

<Path  Data="M 83.68,22.56 L 183.68,22.56 L 183.68,32.56 L 83.68,32.56 L 83.68,22.56 Z ">   <Path.Fill>    <SolidColorBrush Color="#FFFFFF00"/>   </Path.Fill>  </Path>

<Glyphs Fill="#ffff0000" FontUri="/Documents/1/Resources/Fonts/7798067F-A3E9-4ED6-8E3A-2198AFC6C6DE.odttf" FontRenderingEmSize="9.90676" StyleSimulations="None" OriginX="22.56" OriginY="83.68" Indices="57,71;72,45;85,34;92;51,55;39,73;41;3;16,34;3,24;51,57;39,71;41,57;3;58;85,34;76,27;87;72,45;85,34;15,24;3,26;51,55;39,73;41,55;3,26;38,66;85,34;72,45;68,45;87,26;82,52;85,34;15,24;3,24;51;39;41;3,27;38,66;82;81;89;72,46;85,32;87,29;72;85;15,26;3,24;38,66;82;81,52;89;72;85,34;87,27;3,26;51,55;39,73;41,54;3,26;87;82;3,26;58;50;53,68;39,71;3,26;39;50,73;38,66;15,26;3,24;43,73;55,60;48,90;47,60;3,26;87,27;82,52;3,24;51,55;39,73;41;15;3,26;51;39;41;3;40,62;71;76,27;87,29;82;85;3;38;82;81,52;89,48;72,46;85;87;72,45;85,32;86" UnicodeString="VeryPDF - PDF Writer, PDF Creator, PDF Converter, Convert PDF to WORD DOC, HTML to PDF, PDF Editor Converters" >   <Path.Fill>    <SolidColorBrush Color="#FFFFFF00"/>   </Path.Fill> </Glyphs>


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