HTML Converter 2.0 Windows 7

Thank you for your answer (and sorry for my bad English).

>>We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you, can you please let us know what problem did you encounter on your Windows 7 system? What error message can you get?

I did not get any error message. When I try to convert a file HTML Converter are stopping to work. I send you for example the log file:
(Because this file is in German I translate it to bad Engish;-).)

Website gefunden. Warten auf Antwort... (Web site found. Waiting for reply.)

Download beginnen von Site: (Begin to download from site:) file:///D:/CDs/Agnes/Agnes03/test.html

Download von Site: (Download from site:) file:///D:/CDs/Agnes/Agnes03/test.html

Auf file:///D:/CDs/Agnes/Agnes03/test.html wird gewartet... (Waiting for file ....)

Fertig (Ready)

wird gewartet...  (Waiting for file ...)

Fertig (Ready)

wird gewartet... (Waiting for file ...)

Conversion time = 2387ms

D:\CDs\Agnes\Agnes03\Russische Lyrik 2.html ==> C:\aaa\a1.pdf, result=ERROR

TickCount = 2387ms(2.39s)


It seems to me, that the PDF-Writing do not work.

>Also, are you using 32bit Windows 7 or 64bit Windows 7 system?

64-bit Windows 7

>Additionally, if you have purchased our product, please also email to us your Order ID, if so, we will able to assist you quickly.

Thank you!
Do you have administrator privilege to the CMD window? If not, please launch a CMD window by administrator privilege, and run htmltools.exe in this CMD window to try again, we hoping administrator privilege will help you to solve this problem.

You can also add -debug parameter to the htmltools.exe application, -debug parameter will print detailed log message to console, the log message will helpful for you to find out where is wrong quickly,

htmltools.exe -debug  C:\in.html C:\out.pdf

That was a very good hint. So I have seen, that my PC could not access to the program directory. All files were write protected. I have changed this. Now I can use the program.

Thank you very much!
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