Create PCL form from PDF files

Thanks for the assistance.

I used it to create one PCL form, but found your PCL format isn't what I expected.  I can't use it the way I hoped I could.

So, thank you, but I don't have a use for the program.
Well, thanks for offering that possibility.

Let's explore that.

I make my living programming and selling an income tax program called XXXXXX.  XXXXXX is a very small, niche company, with less than 200 customers.  I am the owner, and only employee.

I'm attaching two .PDF files from the IRS website, (Form 1040 and Form 8814).  Form 1040 is a two-page form.  Form 8814 has a watermark.  I'm also attaching Wisconsin Form 1 from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website.  Form 1 has barcodes, and is a four- page form.

I'm also attaching corresponding .PCL files (we give them an .HP extension for our tax program).  We update (and create from scratch when necessary) those .HP files here, using a program called FORMFORGE.  Every year, we must download and print the official tax forms.  We then manually compare them to our .HP files from the year before, and then manually update each page of each tax form that we use.  It's doable, but it is very time-consuming.  Each year, we use approximately 400 pages of federal and state tax forms.

My goal is to programmatically convert the .PDF files, (which we download from the IRS or state websites), into well-behaved, small .PCL files, like those I've attached.

Do you have a way to make that happen?  At a reasonable cost for a small company?

Thanks for your sample PCL files, we will check your PCL files shortly, we will let you know as soon as we have any progress on this matter.


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