Does VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter retain fonts, lines, shading, etc. during conversion?


I am not currently using any of your VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter products.

I am wanting to know if it will do what I need it to do before I buy it.

I am using a text based data processing application called "Pick" or "Tiger Logic".

I print reports using simple text data which can include PCL control code for HP printers to change fonts, charaters per inch, lines per inch, business graphics, etc. It could be any combination of PCL code.

Will your software for PCL to PDF conversion work as a printer selection on a windows system including 2003 server.


Do I have to capture the printer output, write it to a file, then with a program outside of my application, constantly running in the background, capable of command line control, convert that file to a PDF file then place it in the associated directory for future research, email, printing, etc.

Does the output of the PDF match the output of the normal text based data submitted to an HP printer including fonts, lines, shading, etc.


Thanks for your message, yes, you need capture the printer output, write it to a file, and then call VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter to convert your PCL file to PDF file, the output PDF file will same as your original PCL file, the fonts, lines, shading, etc. elements are all supported by VeryPDF PCL to PDF Converter product.

Hello again,
Sorry to bother you but I would like to get this working.
I have attached another report source and pdf This source has no pcl code in it.
I get a 28 page pdf with no data except on the first page and that's incomplete.
My source is 4 times bigger that the pdf.
I opened "trialbal" in wordpad and it looks good except for the paging.

Please tell me the trick.
We can’t view this PCL file correctly in the PCL Viewer application, it seems something is wrong in your PCL file, can you please double check your PCL file carefully?


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