In PDF Stamp Command Line, can i add a text watermark each 4 page (mean step =4)

Hi verypdf,
Currently, i want to buy your tool "PDF Stamp Command Line End User License - One copy", on the checkout site, i check PAYPAL to pay with my paypal account but webpage always show "There appears to be an error in the information you have submitted that is preventing us from completing your order. For assistance, please contact customer service". I need this tool emergency, if it's ok, i can send money directly to your paypal account and you send me registration code to overcome stupid checkout page.

OK, no problem, I have sent a PayPal purchase web page to you just now.


Thank you, I have bought it via PayPal. In PDF Stamp Command Line, can i add a text watermark each 4 page (mean step =4), i consider the option "-SR -S..-E.." but i only find it on odd/even or in a limit number, not for each 4,5,6 page..
And the last question, can i add Unicode text?
Thanks for your message, PDF Stamp Command Line hasn’t an option to add a text watermark each 4 page, you should use different command lines to add the stamps to different pages one by one, for example, first command line will add the stamps to 1-4 pages, second command line will add stamps to 8-12 pages, and so on.

You can also use our PDFStamp SDK to add the stamps to PDF pages, you can control the page range option easily in PDFStamp SDK product.

Also, PDF Stamp Command Line can't accept Unicode characters as input string, it can only accept printable ASCII characters, however, our PDFStamp SDK does support Unicode characters.


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