Insert bookmarks into combined PDF file

Hello - here's a more detailed description of what I need.

The file I want to create is going to be called I_Want_This.PDF.  See the ZIP file attached.  Also, please see  ViewMe.jpg for more information.

I have the files  test1.pdf, test2.pdf and test3.pdf.  I want to create a PDF where the first page or two I create from scratch with notes in it where I can determine the font and font size and put hyperlinks to bookmarks or websites or Email addresses in it.  I write information out to a PDF on page one and a few more pages.  Then I add the test1.pdf and test2.pdf and test3.pdf at the end of the file.

Can this be done with one or some of your products?  Please help me.

Thank you again,
Thanks for your sample PDF files, I understand your meaning now, I can provide the following solution to you,

1. You can write notes into a HTML file first, this HTML file contains hyperlinks to website or emails or files on disk,
2. Call our HTML to PDF Converter to convert HTML file to PDF file, our HTML to PDF Converter will retain the hyperlinks during HTML to PDF conversion,
3. Combine Notes-PDF file and other PDF files into one PDF file,
4. Insert bookmarks into combined PDF file,

Will you okay with above solution?


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