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I just purchased the VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools SDK product.

When I save the PDF output with the -! True setting the output file reports that it is optimized but the file will not stream properly from a web server.  If I re-save the PDF output with Acrobat, which re-saves the file with linearization within Acrobat then that file will stream properly from a web server.

Can you verify that linearization still works in the Advanced PDF Tools SDK product?
Please download the latest version of pdftoolsdk.dll from following URL, the latest version does support -S switch for linearization,


Thank you for the updated file.  What is the exact format of the -S command since I cannot get it to work.

-i filein.pdf -o fileout.pdf       then what???
You can use following command line for -S parameter,

pdftools -i filein.pdf -o fileout.pdf    -S "linearize=true"

you can use following VC++ source code to use the -S parameter,

int WINAPI VeryPDF_PDFTools(LPCTSTR lpCommand);

char szCommandLine[1024];
char *lpLicenseKey = "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX";
sprintf(szCommandLine,"pdftools.exe \"-$\" \"%s\" -S \"linearize=true\" -i \"%s\" -o \"%s\"", lpLicenseKey, "C:\\test.pdf", "C:\\_test.pdf");
int nRet = VeryPDF_PDFTools(szCommandLine);

if you still can't get it work, please feel free to let us know, we will create an example project to you shortly.

Thank you for the update.  It appears to be working but it is very slow.  Much slower than the VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools command line version (over four times slower).

The last two versions of the DLL are much larger in size than the original release (3,000kb vs 300 kb).  Did you perhaps send me a debug version, which makes the processing so slow?  If so, could you send me a release that is as fast as the command line version?

1). Because the latest version is using a different method to linearize the PDF file, the new method is compatible all formats of PDF files, but the speed is slow. If the speed is important to you, we can present a copy of PDF Tools Command Line version to you free, you can use PDF Tools Command Line version to linearize your PDF files in most case, if you encounter a PDF file which can't be linearized by VeryPDF Advanced PDF Tools command line, you can use latest version of VeryPDF PDF Tools SDK to linearize it again, is this solution okay to you? If yes, please let me know, I will present a copy of PDF Tools Command Line to you shortly.

2). No, the latest version is not the debug version, because latest version is contain lots of different methods to compatible all formats of PDF files, this will increase the file size, this is normal.


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