Problem of PDF to Image Converter, unable to convert PDF to TIF file

Please find below our original order for the PDFtoImage SDK.  I understand our support period has expired and you can’t spend much time helping us without that, but I was hoping if you could quickly examine the attached PDF and tell why it doesn’t convert to a valid TIF file.  The process works without error, but results in a 0-byte TIF file.

I thought maybe the PDF was corrupt, so I downloaded trial versions of a few other PDF to TIF converters and they are all able to convert this PDF to TIF fine.

We are very happy with VeryPDF and the conversion options it offers, and at some point will purchase the developer version for integration into our app, so I don’t want to have to consider other vendors etc, so hopefully it’s possible to tell why this PDF is not converting and maybe an upgrade of the VeryPDF SDK could fix this issue.  You had mentioned the COM version a few months back when I inquired about 64-bit version, which we still need to purchase since more and more people are using 64bit machines.  Maybe the COM version has this issue fixed in it?

The PDF is an image-only PDF, so it seems it should not be a complicated PDF inside.
The latest version of PDF2Image SDK can convert your PDF file to image file without any problem, please download the latest version of PDF2Image SDK from our website to try by yourself,

you can download the converted TIFF files from following web URL for checking,


also, the latest version of PDF2Image SDK does contain a PDF2ImageCOM.exe, this is a COM interface to pdf2image.dll library, after you register the PDF2ImageCOM.exe file, you can call it from both 32bit and 64bit EXE or script applications, please refer to following web page to study how to call PDF2ImageCOM.exe from 64bit applications,

Call PDF To Image Converter COM Component v2.0 from 64bit application


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