testing pdf2vec_sdk.zip on windows 2008 64bit

Thanks for your message, if you wish use "AnyCpu" mode, you have to use "pdf2vector_com.exe" COM interface, because pdf2vec.dll is a Win32 DLL Library, we have to provide two DLL file to support both 32bit and 64bit, e.g.,

Pdf2vec32.dll   //for x86 platform
Pdf2vec64.dll   //for x64 platform

If you use Pdf2vec.dll, you need compile your project with x86 mode, if you use Pdf2vec64.dll, you need compule your project with x64 mode, you can't compile your project at "AnyCpu" mode, because Pdf2vec32.dll can't be run at x64 platform and Pdf2vec64.dll can't be run at x86 platform, you have to separate them on x86 and x64 platforms, please notice this matter.

DLL is linked into EXE process, so we can't use a DLL in both 32bit and 64bit application, this is a limitation of Windows!!!

So, there has another solution for you, it is "pdf2vector_com.exe" COM interface, "pdf2vector_com.exe" is based on Pdf2vec.dll (or Pdf2vec32.dll), "pdf2vector_com.exe" can be called from your project with "AnyCpu" mode, this is the ONLY solution to use "AnyCpu" mode. -  not a solution cause I explain to you your  current COM interface is not exposing an interface to PDF2VectorFromMemory()

Also, we can't provide a Pdf2vec64.dll at Sunday, the port work (re-compile all source code on 64bit platform) can't be done in a short time, please understand.

I think you didn't understand me, although I keep explaining you in last 4-5 emails, again and again the same request.

So I will try my best, doing it for last time?

a. offcourse "AnyCPU" means that on 64bit project, it will compile to 64bit model. I don't really care about 32bit at all,
cause I'm using windows 2008 r264bit, so I don’t expect it will work for both platforms, that's ok, I just care for x64 (which is "AnyCPU" default mode),

b. I was asking your from my first email to make a new version -64 bit of the Pdf2vec.dll, I never ask you to wrap me a 64COM object. This was your idea, cause maybe you thought you can do it fast enough, and you didn't understand I want  to use PDF2VectorFromMemory?

c. the reason I asked for 64bit version of pdf2vec,like explained in my first email was  - because I want to use the PDF2VectorFromMemory() function and iterate page by page for conversation, because a lack of your "burst2" mode to do a perfect conversion on some files, like I demonstrate you in my first email.

d. using a new build of 64bit version of pdf2vec.dll (not 32bit!!!) + interop call of PDF2VectorFromMemory() function + iterate page by page, I can hopefully simulate a "burst" functionality, but also, can control it much better by monitoring input/output for each entire single page! And offcourse avoiding the exception crash prompt.

I hope this time, after 5-6 email I repeat myself  you understand me ?
Let me know if you are going to build a 64bit dll version soon, or not, cause my development team is just waiting for your response If you plan to do it on later date,

please let me know your deadline, so I can prepare my team! Thanks!
Thanks for your detailed explanation, we understand your meaning now, however, we can’t provide a 64bit version of pdf2vec.dll to you at the moment, because our source code can’t be compiled to 64bit DLL Library, we are planning release a 64bit pdf2vec.dll in the future, but we haven’t an approximate date for when will it be released at the moment, please understand.

Ok thanks
Please contact me as soon as your release 64bit.
Thanks for your message, we will let you know after pdf2vec64.dll library is ready, thanks for your patience.

How are you?
I hope everything is cool with you ?

Long time didn’t speak, I waited with log of patience ?
Did you finally build a 64bit version for pdf2vec.dll library (pdf2vec64.dll)?

If so I would like very much to test it before purchase.
Thanks for your message, we have a 64bit COM interface (pdf2vector_com.exe) for pdf2vec.dll library, but we haven't a native pdf2vec64.dll DLL Library, please understand.  pdf2vector_com.exe is a COM interface to pdf2vec.dll library, you can call pdf2vector_com.exe from both 32bit and 64bit EXE application, we hoping this Com interface will useful to you.

Also, we will release a pdf2vec64.dll pure 64bit DLL Library in the future, we will let you know as soon as it available.


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