Add barcode watermark with PDFPrint Command Line


We are testing your PDFPrint Command Line v2.0.

We tried to add barcode watermark to an existed PDF, but it does not print out the barcode

myPDF.pdf contain a barcode text "*111111*", we can print it out as barcode without any problem

The command is::
pdfprint.exe -winfont  -wtext "*0123456789*" -wf "AdvHC39b" -wtype 2 -wh 80 -wa 0 C:\myPDF.pdf

The output :: ( Please refer to attached files )
(1) "*111111*" is barcode
(2) Watermark "*0123456789*" is not a barcode, is text

We are sured AdvHC39b was embedded in myPDF.pdf and AdvHC39b font was also installed on our Windows 7 x64

Is there any font or other limitation of the watermark function of PDF Print command line?

Compare to myPDF.pdf and Output.pdf, the barcode in output.pdf is not clear, is it normal?

Thank you
We suggest you may run following command lines to try again, we hoping one of the following command lines will create better printout to you,

pdfprint.exe -winfont  -wtext "*0123456789*" -wf "AdvHC39b" -wtype 2 -wh 80 -wa 0 -raster C:\myPDF.pdf

pdfprint.exe -winfont  -wtext "*0123456789*" -wf "AdvHC39b" -wtype 2 -wh 80 -wa 0 -raster2 C:\myPDF.pdf

pdfprint.exe -winfont  -wtext "*0123456789*" -wf "AdvHC39b" -wtype 2 -wh 80 -wa 0 -useembedfont C:\myPDF.pdf

If you encounter any problem with pdf print application, please feel free to let us know.


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