Can your PDF Printer create Chinese PDF file?

The office documents are always created in many kinds of language,English,French,Chinese,German,Spanish,Japanese,etc.But when we print these files of different language,is it supported by the printer?Can these documents printed smoothly?

Of course,we can do a test by PDFcamp Printer and I will take a Chinese document for example.Everyone knows that LuXun is a very famous writer in China even in the world.I found an introduction in Chinese of LuXun on google and we can print it to pdf file by PDFcamp Printer.


                                                     the original file 

1.Press the hot  key “Ctrl”+”P”or click “file”—“print”.

2.Change some parameter in properties according to need by clicking “advanced”—“preferences”.Of course we should click”font embedding”to subset the fonts used in the original file.If you don’t know what it is and don’t care about the size of created file you can embed entire fonts.I added the fonts about Chinese not all.


3.Print and save the file.


At last,we can see the pdf file is created smoothly in Chinese by PDFcamp Printer,so I think the answer to the question in the topic is surely “yes”!

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