Convert PDF file to TIFF file

I am running trial version of PDF Converter from command line and receive the following error error loading C:\TIFFConverter\Images\test2.tif where test2.tif is the output file of test2.pdf Any help is very appreciated.
Thanks for your message, just for checking, do you wish convert TIFF file to PDF file from command line?

I am trying to convert from PDF to TIFF, most files work well , except is not converting
Thanks for your message, we suggest you may download PDF to Image Converter from following web page to try, you can use PDF to Image Converter to convert from PDF file to image file properly,

if you wish use PDF to Image Converter GUI application, you can download it from following web page,


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2 Replies to “Convert PDF file to TIFF file

  1. Hi,

    I have a requirement to convert the below mentioned extension files to .TIFF format. Suggest me the suitable dll for my requirement.

    File extension
    .doc / .docx
    .xls / .xlsx
    .jpg / .bmp / .gif
    .ppt / .pptx
    .htm / .html

    Thanking you.

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    1. >>.txt Plain text
      >>.rtf Rich text tormat
      >>.doc / .docx Microsoft Word
      >>.xls / .xlsx Microsoft Excel
      >>.jpg / .bmp / .gif Typical graphic formats
      >>.msg Microsoft Mail Message format
      >>.ppt / .pptx Microsoft Powerpoint
      >>.htm / .html HTML
      >>.pub Publisher

      You can use DOC to Any Converter to convert above file formats to TIFF files, DOC to Any Converter can be downloaded from following web page,

      >>.pdf Adobe Portable Document Format

      You can use PDF to Image Converter to convert PDF files to image files,

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