German special characters in PCL to PDF Converter

Ladies and Gents,

I just downloaded your PCL Converter for evaluation purpose for a
customer project.

It does as far as I see what we needm but I have problems with german
special character like “äÄöÖüÜß”.
The customers output file does not contain a sybol set selection ESC
sequence / PCL command. How can I set the default symbol set for PCL

And another question, what I would even like more is not a commandline
controlled PCL converter but a PCL printer; same as you offer with
your product “PDF Print” but just for PCL input files instead of PDF.
Do you offer such a product?

Can you please email to us your sample PCL file in question? After we checked your sample PCL file, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

Thanks for your message, we haven't a PCL Printer product yet, if this product is important to you, we can develop this product to you at additional cost, please feel free to let us know if you are interest in custom-build version of PCL Printer product.


Enclosed find the input PCL file and the PDF which is generated from it by your tool.
I guess the input file schoudl be processed with PCL symbol set PC-8 D/N Codepage 437 (PCL code "11u").
A soultion would be to just have some parameter with which I can set the default symbol set to be used (if no symbolset command is provided in the PCL input file).

Well I think it not worth to make such effort (and costs); we are fine with the PCL->PDF converter also; just one processing step more (first convert then print).
Please look at attached PDF file, this PDF file was created by another version of PCL to PDF Converter product, the “äÄöÖüÜß” characters are look fine in this PDF file.



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