How can I control duplex feature in pdf print command line application?

I don't think this is accurate statement. I can control input trays using pdfprint.exe,Let me explain what I mean by by Input and Output bins.

Input Bins / Trays :-  These are the trays or bins where paper is loaded before printing and it is common for standard printers like HP or Dell to have more than one tray.

Output Bins : - These are the slots where printed documents are collected by users and not many printers has this multiple output bins.

And I tested your pdfprint which can control trays (input bins) using -chgbin or -papersource.

My question is relating to output bins or slots from where users can collect the documents.

Please let me know how we can do this.
Thanks for your message, pdfprint command line tool hasn't an option to control the "Output Bins" for your printer, we will try to add more options for "Output Bins" in the future releases, we will let you know after this features is available.

Please see below some of the printers we have.
Mainly HP LaserJet9040 has output bins.

Name    Model        Tray     Mailbin
Dispatch    Lexmark T630        1    None
Main B    Lexmark T632        2    None
Main    HP LaserJet 9040        4    8
MainC_new    Xerox WorkCentre 7120        4    None
SDACCT    HP LaserJet 4250         3    None
Thanks for your message, is “Mailbin” equal to "Output Bins" in your previous emails? Should we pay attention to “HP LaserJet 9040” printer driver only? Because only the “HP LaserJet 9040” printer contains Mailbin, the other printers are not contain “Mailbin”.

Mail bins are equivalent to input bins. Even though our current location has only HP Laserjet 9040 with output bins, We are expecting your product works with any other printer ( just like currently your product with input bins / trays works with most of the printers in market) . Please confirm on this.
Thanks for your message, because we haven’t a printer which support output bins, so I think the “debug” is a problem to us, we are unable to “debug” and “test” this function easily.

Also, I have found the “HP LaserJet 9040” printer driver on HP’s web site,

I will download it and test it shortly.

We just bought a server license on trial basis to work with pdfprint product,one major issue we found is is "duplex"  feature is not working with HP LaserJet 9040 printer.

And also can you please let us know when you can complete output bin feature and we are ready to buy this ( if it works) product.

Let us know.
We suggest you may by following steps to try again,

1. Please run following command line to prompt the user Printer Dialog and save the printer settings to a disk file,

pdfprint.exe -savedevmode C:\file.dat -printer "Your Printer Name"

2. In the Printer Dialog, please set "Duplex" option to "Top-Top" or other options, click "OK" to close Printer Dialog, you will get a C:\file.dat file,

3. Please run following command line to load the devmode from disk file and set it to printer,

pdfprint.exe -loaddevmode C:\file.dat -printer "Your Printer Name" C:\input.pdf

4. OK, you will able to print your PDF file with correct options.

We hoping above solution will helpful to you, please to try.


I tried this and it is working fine with duplex loading ,but it loaddev is ignoring output bin setting completely .We have a complicated requirement to print same report under different conditions like based on user login we need to send output to a specific output bin and control duplex printing along with input bin(tray)s.

How we can do this using pdfprint ?
In the step #2, you can set "Duplex" and "Bin" options in printing dialog, after you click “OK” button, "Duplex" and "Bin" options will be stored to C:\file.dat file, then you can use -loaddevmode option to load "Duplex" and "Bin" options from C:\file.dat file and apply them to target printer during PDF printing.


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