information about PDF to PCL conversion on UNIX


Does your product handle the conversion of PDF files to PCL files using a piped command on UNIX, specifically HPUX 11.23?


As part of our manufacturing process, we print the shop floor documents per production order.  Some of those documents are (or could be) in PDF format.  Many of our current printers are not PostScript compatible, so we are looking for a solution that converts a PDF file to a PCL file, which can be then sent to the printer using the standard UNIX ‘lp’ command.  We are not interested in performing a mass conversion of PDF documents to PCL; this is done when needed and the PCL file is then printed immediately.

We have one production UNIX HPUX 11.23 server.  Our backup servers is exactly the same and would be used if we lost use of the production servers.  We would want the PDF to PCL product on both servers but the installation on the backup server would be used only if we lost our production server.  Just in case that impacts pricing.
Thanks for your message, our PDF to PCL Converter is support Windows system only, it is not support UNIX or Linux system at the moment, however, we will try to release a UNIX version of PDF to Vector Converter product in the future.


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