PDF to Image SDK product, those characters look blurred because of white outline around the cahracters

Hello VeryPDF,
I am from XXXX Technologies. We get the issue here when converting PDF to image, we get white line along the Chinese Characters.
See the attached files for further explanation. I attached the sample.zip, this zip contains the input pdf file and affected bmp output.
I also attached our latest dll, perhaps this helps you to indicate/track where our dll version stands at.
Could you give us some feedback or answer why this happens please?
we really appreciate it, If you could priotize this issue. Thank you.



Example source code to call the VeryPDF PDF to Image SDK product,

Set objWshShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
appPath = objWshShell.CurrentDirectory + "\"
Set objWshShell = Nothing

Set oConverter = CreateObject("VeryPDF-PDFConverter")
Set oPDF2Image = oConverter.PDF2Image

oPDF2Image.ImageResolution = 600
oPDF2Image.ImageColor = 2       ' CNV_IMAGE_CLR_8BIT
oPDF2Image.ImageFormat = 0      ' CNV_IMAGE_FMT_BMP
oPDF2Image.AddPageNumberForSingleFileOutput = True
oPDF2Image.MinimumPageNumberDigits = 3
oPDF2Image.PageNumberSeparator = "_"

oPDF2Image.Convert appPath + "input.pdf", appPath + "output.bmp"

Set oPDF2Image = Nothing
Set oConverter = Nothing

MsgBox "done"


We have fixed this problem to you, please download the latest version of PDF to Image SDK from our website to try again.


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