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We have been using VeryPDF PDFPrint Command Line for some time.

Recently we have had some documents that contain both A4 and A3. If we print it using the pdfprint command the whole document is printed on A3 or the whole document is printed on A4, instead of printing the individual pages on their own pagesize. We want to have a print containing both A3 and A4 paper. (The documents do print correctly when using acrobat reader using auto settings) I have tried using the "-paper pdf" option and the "- chgbin" with the auto selection bin, but i cannot get it working.

I have added two test pdf's containing both A4 and A3.

Can you help us with this problem?
Thanks for your message, yes, the current version of PDFPrint Command Line does print entire PDF document at same paper size, it can print your PDF file to A4 paper size or A3 paper size, but it can't print A3 and A4 pages in one print job, if you print your PDF file to A4 paper size, all non-A4 paper will be scaled to fit A4 paper size automatically.

We are planning support mix different paper size into one print job in the future releases of PDFPrint Command Line application, we will let you know after this feature is available.


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