PDFs not rendering correctly to EMF with the latest version of PDF2Vec

Dear VeryDoc,

I have a couple of PDFs that are not rendering correctly with the latest version of PDF2Vec. I will imagine that you would want them in order to be able to help (there is a spacing problem on one, and a character doesn't convert on the other). I Just wanted to make sure I was still eligible for support before I put a case together. If so I'll send the PDFs for input and the EMFs I got back. Thanks,
Thanks for your message, can you please email to us your sample PDF file for test purpose? after we checked your sample PDF file, we will figure out a solution to you shortly.

Greetings! Thanks for your prompt reply.

Here are the command lines I used to convert my sample files:
pdf2vec.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX" C:\TEMP\pdf2vec\1350-v11-Jun.pdf 1350-.emf
pdf2vec.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"  C:\TEMP\pdf2vec\2501-AR-v10-Oct.BFI.PDF 2501-.emf

Note a command line of the following format (missing .emf) produces no output, nor error message:

pdf2vec.exe "-$" "XXXXXXXXXXXXXX"  C:\TEMP\pdf2vec\2501-AR-v10-Oct.BFI.PDF 2501-

I thought something was wrong. Just a usability thing.

The zip file includes directory listings of my pdf2vec dir & my fonts folder, the PDFs, the outputted EMFs, and screen shots of how it renders on my system (win XP Version 5.1.2600) using right-click|preview. On the 2501, it appears the font is being changed from our strange one, to arial, with clever compensations. That's OK for our output, but I'm unlikely to be able to get them to stop using their custom font. Also there are 200 other forms with various non-standard fonts, I am afraid some randomly won't convert right and I'll miss it.

Here is how the PDFs are created (I don't do this or have a mac/quark, info is from our print dept):
Mac OS 10
forms created in Quark Express
Print - to postscript
Open in distiller, make the PDF 'smallest file size with fonts' options

I'll send you anything else you want!!!  Thanks,
Thanks for your sample files, we will check your files and come back to you shortly, thanks for your patience.


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