How can I create high quality WMF files from a Word document?

WMF, also called Windows Metafile,  is a graphic file format on Microsoft Windows systems.  Windows Metafiles are designed to be portable between applications. It may contain both vector graphics and bitmap components. An image can display on computer screen when a list of function calls stored by a WMF file  is issued to the Windows Graphics Device Interface (GDI) layer. WMF is the native vector format for Microsoft Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

You can use VeryPDF products including VeryPDF  docPrint, VeryPDF docPrint Pro, etc to create a high quality WMF file from a Word document.  VeryPDF docPrint is a document converter and  Windows printer driver. VeryPDF Pro provides a regular console interface and GUI interface to batch convert document files, it includes all of the features in docPrint. You can download VeryPDF  docPrint and VeryPDF docPrint Pro from .

This article aims to show you how to create high quality WMF files from a Word document via VeryPDF  docPrint.

Step 1: Input a Word document to  VeryPDF  docPrint

  • Open the Word document in MS Office application;
  • Press  Ctrl+P or right click with the mouse and select Print  to open the Print dialog box;
  • Select docPrint as the printer in the Print dialog box;
  • Press OK in the Print dialog box  to open the docPrint dialog box. Then you can view the Word document in the docPrint dialog box as illustrated below:


Step 2: Set the color depth and resolution.

  • Open the Save As dialog box by clicking the Save As icon on the tool bar in the docPrint dialog box 


or clicking File in the docPrint dialog box > Click Save As or press Ctrl+5.


Then, the Save As dialog box as illustrated as following will appear on the screen:


  • Specify 32-bit, the highest one on the pull down listing, as the color depth in the Color Depth combo box.
  • Choose 6ooX600 dpi as the resolution in the Resolution combo box.

   The two options we selected in the Color Depth combo box and the Resolution combo box allow docPrint to creat  high quality image files.

Step 3:  Create high quality WMF files.

  • Select WMF File(*.wmf) as the format of the outputting file in the Save as type combo box.
  • Type the name of the outputting image file in the File name edit box. If your Word document has multiple pages, the computer will  automatically create a WMF file for each page and name the new WMF files by adding number in order to the name given by you. For example, if you type “veryPDF” in the File name edit box, Then the first WMF file created from the first page of the Word document will be “veryPDF0001.wmf”.
  • Select the directory to store the new WMF file in the Save in  combo box and list box.
  • Press Save to create a high quality WMF file from a Word document


Step 4 : Evaluate the quality of WMF file.

The process of creating high quality WMF files from Word document will take several second. The following WMF file is created from the first page of the Word document.


To learn more about how to use docPrint, you can read articles at

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