How can I create PDF file by Adobe Acrobat Writer?

You may want to convert many types of files to pdf file because of smaller size,the security or many other advantages of pdf files.When you do this job,you will choose which software is the best.Of course,Adobe Acrobat is very famous and widely used in many computers all over the world and you can use it to meet your needs.

This article will tell you how to create a pdf file by Adobe Acrobat Writer.

1.You can open a word,a ppt,an excel,etc.file then please click “file” button on upper left corner and click “print” in dropdown list.You can also use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” to run your printer driver.

2.In “print” dialog,you should select “Adobe PDF” in “name” combo box which contains all the printers in your computer.Then you can set parameters of Adobe PDF by clicking “properties” button.


3.In “Adobe PDF Document Properties” dialog box,there are three tabs named “layout”, “paper/quality”, “adobe pdf settings”.

By clicking “layout” tab you can

(1).change the orientation of paper

(2).combine many pages in one sheet.

(3).Set many advanced parameters just as paper size,copy count,print quality,etc.which you can see by clicking “advanced” button.


By clicking “paper/quality”tab you can select the paper source.You also can choose printing black&white pdf file or colorful pdf file.


By clicking “adobe pdf settings”tab you can

(1).Secure your new generated pdf file by editing the option in “adobe pdf security” combobox.

(2).Specify the output path by clicking “browse”button.

(3).Choose the page size in “adobe pdf page size” combobox.If there isn’t the page you want,you can click “add” to custom paper size yourself.

(4)Check other parameters to your will.


4.Then click “OK” to save the pdf file.Then you can view the new generated file through Adobe Acrobat Writer.

There are other powerful software can realize converting printable files to pdf files such as PDFcamp Printer which is more cheaper in price,smaller in size,faster in converting speed than Adobe Acrobat Writer.You can have a try.

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