How to add note comment on current page in docPrint preview application?

When you use VeryPDF docPrint to add comment in the VeryPDF docPrint preview application, you can find there are seven kinds of comment buttons which you can use to add comment on current page. The note comment button can help you add fifteen types of icons on current page including  checkmark, circle, comment, cross and key.

In case, some users has just download  VeryPDF docPrint from , this article will introduce how to add note comment on current page via VeryPDF docPrint  from the very beginning. After you  install VeryPDF docPrint, you can add note comment on the following steps:

1 Open the document you want to add note comment. If it is a PDF file,  you can open it in Adobe.

2 Run VeryPDF docPrint

Press “Ctrl+P” >select “docPrint” as the printer in the “Name” combo box on the  “Print” dialog box >press “OK” to open the “docPrint” dialog box. If you are careful enough, you might have noticed there was another dialog box titled “Option Setting”. The  “Option Setting” dialog box is used to add watermark,  select paper range, and page margins. If you don’t like to add such things like add watermark. you can leave the  “Option Setting” dialog box alone or close it and go on to the next step. For the sack of concise, this article would not introduce the usage of the   “Option Setting” dialog box . However, if you want to know how to add watermark, you can read related article at the website knowledge base.


3 Open the “Annotated document” dialog box to add note comment

3.1  Open the “Annotated document” dialog box

Select the page you want to add note comment>Click “File” on the tool bar of the “docPrint” dialog box >click “Add comment on current page” to open the “Annotated document” dialog box.



Remember you should select the page you want to add note comment before you open the “Annotated document” dialog box , otherwise the page you present in the Annotated document” dialog box is the first page of the file by default.

3.2 Trigger the note comment button


As you can see, there are nine  buttons on the tool bar in “Annotated document” dialog box. Click the  first button, then you can read the file; the second button is the trigger for the next seven comment buttons, click one of which you can add one kind of comment on current page.

Now, click the second button image ,  you will  find the buttons become with color. go to sep 3.3

3.3 Add note comment on current page

Click the note comment button image , then an icon will appear on the current page.



3.4 Change the icon

If you want to change the icon to other forms, you  can : right click the icon>select “Properties” on the drop-down menu to open the “Properties” dialog box


Then, you can change the icon, the color of the icon and opacity in the “Properties” dialog boximage image


4 View the effect of the document with icon changed from red comment icon to green key icon


To get more information on how to add comment on current page, please read related articles at

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