How to browse the pages of the pdf files in verypdf pdf editor?

If the pdf file is a single page, you browse it easily without any selection while the pdf file include many pages you need do. Commonly when there are many pages in the pdf file, we browse them by sliding the pulley of the mouse, in this way we can’t find the right page quickly, here I tell a way to solve the problem which is more convenient than the general way.

In the lower left of “verypdf pdf editor” there is a slider, click it you will see the merit. Below is the illustration when the slider is opened.


                                                                    Illustration 1

See the the place marked by the red rectangle of Illustration 1, the nether red rectangle is to open or close the area where you can select the page, the upper red rectangle is to adjust the width of the area.

In the area click the “pages” option, all the pages of the pdf file you add to “verypdf pdf editor” are displayed, look at the illustration below:


                                                                Illustration 2

In illustration 2, you can obviously find the right page quickly, choose the right page and click then the right page is in the pdf file. Look at Illustration 3:


                                               Illustration 3

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