How to convert a document of html to pdf file?

A pdf file is a file stored in the open standard named Portable Document Format. This format is created by Adobe Systems in the year of 1993 and presently royalty-free. PDF stores a document with being rendered without dependence on applications, displaying devices or operating systems. This means that the layouts, fonts, text sizes and graphics in a pdf file created in a Windows operating system will be intact when being reproduced and rendered in a Linux OS. As a single document, a pdf file contains all the information and elements required for displaying it; the text, fonts, figures, and layout descriptions are all packed in one portable file. With the advantages of displaying behaviors and being royalty-free, pdf format is currently very popular for document exchange usages. Here will present a method of converting a document of html to pdf.

Using the VeryPDF HTML Converter Command Line, it is easy to convert a document of html to pdf file. The converter completes a conversion from html to pdf using the similar commands as follows:

D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe D:\htmltools\Verypdf.html D:\htmltools\Verypdf.pdf <Enter>.

In the command lines, “D:\htmltools\htmltools.exe” is for launching the executable tool component and “D:\htmltools\Verypdf.html” points to the path and name of the source document. “D:\htmltools\Verypdf.pdf” is for specifying the path and name of the output pdf file, where “.pdf” designates the target conversion format, pdf, for the converter.

The following screen snapshot provides a referable guide for conversion a document of html to pdf:


The first line in the command prompt window presents the commands given above. The following prompt lines display the status of the conversion, such as the cost time, result, output file, etc.


The snapshot above shows the layout effect of the document converted from html to pdf. The html document is from and is perfectly converted to pdf format with the fonts, graphics and layouts unchanged.

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