How to print PCL file to PDF file?

First,you should know what is a PCL file.PCL is the standard print format for HP LaserJet-compatible printers. If you are now printing to a laser printer, you are using PCL. PCL files can be created from any Windows application by simply "printing to file" with a LaserJet-compatible printer and PCL driver set as the current Windows printer, or by redirecting a UNIX LaserJet-compatible printer queue to a file. This is easy to do, requires no licensed software and is inherently a true representation of the document.

If you want to print pcl to pdf file,you can choose some software to realize the function.In this article,PDFcamp Printer will show you how to do this easy job.

Step1.Open a pcl file.For example,here is a pcl file you want to print.


Step2.Click “file”—“print”or you can use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” to start the printer.

Step3.Click “setup” to choose your printer as PDFcamp Printer.


Step4.Then you can set the parameters of PDFcamp Printer by clicking properties.


Step5.Then you can see a new resulted pdf file after printing pcl to pdf file by PDFcamp Printer.


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