How to use "Add Comments on Current Page" option in docPrint preview application?

The option the “Add Comments on Current Page”  enables you to add text comments, line, rectangle, annotation, etc. on the pages of the documents you want to print via VeryPDF docPrint. When you want to add some comments or annotation on a document, you can do as following:

1 Open the document you want to print. Here we use a Word document as an example.

2 Press “Ctrl+P” to open the “Print” dialog box>select VeryPDF docPrint as the printer here, and also select  range, etc in this box. >press OK to run the VeryPDF docPrint preview application

3 Click on the page you want to add comments> “Edit”> “Add Comments on Current Page” to open the dialog box titled “Annotated document”


4 The following screen shot illustrates the “Annotated document” dialog box, where you can add various comments to the page.


As you can see, there are nine buttons listed on the tool tab.

In order to trigger the comment buttons, you should at first click the second button image. Then image the seven comment buttons following the second button  turn to be more colorful, which means all of them can be used. You can use them to

4.1 image   Add text comments on the page

Click this button>press the left key of the mouse down and drag a textbox>double click on the textbox> type words and sentences into the textbox. Moreover, if you want to change the color and size of the words you can

Right click on the textbox>choose “Properties” to open the “Properties” dialog box.


>select the color you like as the “Font Color” , e. g., red, and select the proper number as the “Font Size”, e.g., 50 .


>Click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box. Then the text comment will appear on the original page. The following screen shot shows the effect of the text comment.


4.2 image  Add icons on the page

You can add fifteen kinds of icons like comment, cross, and key icons on the page.  The comment icon is the default icon, so, when you click image, a comment icon will appear on the page. Then you can drag this icon wherever you like on the page. To change the comment icon to a key icon, you can do as follows:

Click on the comment icon, then the color of it will turn to be black>right click with the mouse>choose “Properties” on the drop down menu pops out to open the “Properties” dialog box>click the arrow beside the “Icon” combo box to drop down the menu>choose “Key” as the  icon>click “Close” to close the “Properties” dialog box


Then the selected comment icon  will become a key-like icon.


4.3 image Add image as comment

4.4 image Add Pencil comment. You can draw on the page like draw with a pencil.

4.5  imageAdd lines to mark the important content on the page.

4.6 imageAdd rectangle on the page

4.7 image Add ellipse on the page.

Click image, to stop adding comments on the page, and you can drag and view parts of this page.

5 After you add the comments, close the “Annotated document” dialog box.

This article only introduced only parts of the usages of the “Add Comments on Current Page” option. To get more information, you can read more articles at

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