I want to print my ppt document to PDF file by using n-up printing,how to do?

N-up printing skill is more and more popular in nowadays’ life.Because when you print something,you may want the files saving pages and inks.You may not know that if office paper usage in the United States was cut by 10%, 1.6 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions would be cut along with it.So saving inks and pages is saving world,of course the money in your pockets.N-up printing can help you to save the source by combining more pages in one sheet when printing.

When you print ppt to pdf files,you also can take this good idea.But there are two software necessary—PDFcamp Printer and docPrint Document Converter.You can download them at the websites https://www.verypdf.com/pdfcamp/pdfcamp_setup.exe and https://www.verypdf.com/artprint/index.html#dl.

First,you need to open your ppt file and use the hot key “Ctrl”+ “P” to run the printer driver in your computer.You also can click “file” – “print” to run.In “print” dialog box,you can see the “handouts”groupbox which contains “slides per page” combobox is unusable,which means the n-up printing function is unusable in the conversion of ppt to pdf.Please look at figure1.So you need to use n-up by docPrint which should be selected in “name” combobox.Then click “ok”button.



Second,in a few seconds later,you can see the GUI of docPrint.There is a small dialog box named “option settings” in which you can set the options of file to be converted.Please look at figure2.



1.There are three options in “page border” combo box, you can set “separator”, “none” or “frame”.

2.You can set the page number for each page in the sheet and you also can put the number on the left top,center top,right top,left bottom,center bottom and right bottom.

3.You can set the starting page yourself by inputting number.

4.You can set the page margins by none,small,medium,large,original.

5.You can put watermark for the whole sheet.

6.N-up printing,1,2,4,6,8,16 pages per sheet.

Third,you can close the “option settings”dialog box and click the button image on the tool bar to set 16 pages in one sheet,of course you can choose other five buttons.

Forth,click “file” – “print” in the current GUI to select PDFcamp Printer in “name” combo box of “print” dialog box.You can set parameters of PDFcamp Printer by clicking “properties” button.

Fifth,save and name your pdf file in “save as” dialog.

Then you can see the new generated pdf after the conversion of ppt to pdf by using n-up print skill.Please look at figure3.



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