Memory leak problem of PDF Editor Toolkit Pro SDK

I think I founded a bug in memory management of verywrite.dll I made a very stupid sample in Delphi.
My sample loads dynamically the verywrite.dll and then unload it, without uses it.
If I list all libraries in memory for my process (with Process Monitor) I can see cimage.dll and encryptpdf.dll after unload verywrite.dll!!!
I think that, while unloading verywrite.dll, cimage.dll and encryptpdf.dll must be unloaded too, but were missing.
This memory leak is a big problem in intensive use of verywrite.dll in multithreading application.
Can you verify in code?

This is not the memory leak problem, the DLL files are controlled by Windows system, after you unload verywrite.dll from memory, Windows may not unload cimage.dll and encryptpdf.dll files from memory immediately, because this is the "cache" feature of Windows, this feature will improve the loading speed when you reload these DLL files at next time.

please refer to the description of FreeLibrary() function at following web page,


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