Print pdf documents to other formats via a command line

Batch processing is a good method of printing a mass of documents. In Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, a batch script can easily call an application that supports running in MS-DOS command mode. VeryPDF PDFPrint is a program designed for printing pdf documents in a command line. If you are running a server offering batch processing service of printing pdf documents, VeryPDF PDFPrint will be a good choice for you. The program also supports to print pdf documents to file saved in hard disk, which can be used to converting pdf documents to other formats.

To use the program, you have to download it at The resources and components of PDFPrint are packed in a zipped package, and you have to unzip it to your hard disk before using it. The author has chosen the directory of “D:\pdfprint_cmd” for storing the program. After unpacking, in the directory, you will find a file named “pdfprint.exe” which is used for calling in a command line.

You can follow the menu path to start a MS-DOS command prompt window before using the program. Select [Start] –> [Run…], and you will see a dialog of “Run” coming out. Input “cmd” or “cmd.exe” into the input box of the dialog and press “OK”, then a MS-DOS command prompt window will be started.

The default current path of the MS-DOS command prompt is “C:\Documents and Settings\admin\” where “admin” is the logon name for your system. In this current directory, you have to use the full path of PDFPrint to call the executable program. A simple command line of calling the program with its full path is

D:\pdfprint_cmd\pdfprint.exe D:\pdfprint_cmd\readme.pdf <Enter>.

The command line above calls the program “pdfprint.exe” stored in “D:\pdfprint_cmd\” and prints the pdf document of “readme.pdf” stored in the directory of “D:\pdfprint_cmd\”. To directly call the program in any directory of your system, you can change the current directory of the MS-DOS command prompt to the one that the program PDFPrint is stored in. The following two commands are for changing the current directory of “C:\Documents and Settings\admin\” to “D:\pdfprint_cmd\”.

D: <Enter>
cd pdfprint_cmd <Enter>

After changing the current directory of MS-DOS command prompt, the program now is able to be called from any directory. A basic command of using PDFPrint is

pdfprint readme.pdf <Enter>.

This command line is to print pdf document of “readme.pdf” using the system default printer and settings.

The option of “-printtofile” is for printing pdf documents to hard disk from the printing spooling, and this function can be used for converting pdf documents to other formats using supported virtual or physical printers. The following commands are for converting a document of pdf to xps format using the system virtual printer named “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” and save the converted file as “cvt.xps”.

pdfprint –printer "Microsoft XPS Document Writer" –printtofile "cvt.xps" readme.pdf <Enter>.

The option “-printer” is for specifying the printer “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”, and for more information about this option, please see This command line will convert the document “readme.pdf” from pdf to xps and save the xps file as “cvt.xps”.

The words above are some descriptions of VeryPDF PDFPrint. If you need to use the program with all its function, please buy a license at

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