Who can tell me how to import pdf file into PowerPoint?

  If you want to import pdf file into the PowerPoint, I know one way but I need the help of one software-PDF to PowerPoint Converter. I do not know whether you have heard about it. If not, please allow me to introduce it to you in brief words. It is an converting tool from pdf file to PowerPoint. That means it can change the pdf file to .ppt file. If you want to know more about it, reading this article is an option. https://www.verypdf.com/wordpress/201110/have-you-heard-of-pdf-to-powerpoint-converter-v2-0-how-can-i-get-it-3943.html 

   Let’s see how to use PDF to PowerPoint Converter. If you meet any difficulty when you download this software, please refer to this article. https://www.verypdf.com/wordpress/201110/who-can-tell-me-how-to-download-the-pdf-to-powerpoint-converter-3978.html , it will help you down it successfully. Downloading has been finished then we can use it. In my opinion, illustrating by pictures is a good way to put the instructions easily and accurately. At beginning, we should start from the interface of the software, like “figure 1”.  The part i have marked in yellow are the menu list. You can choose the out PowerPoint layout and mode. You also can choose the page range which means the converted page from pdf file to PowerPoint. If the source document has password then please input it at the “PDF Password”. If you have chosen your option, click “Convert”, you will get and PowerPoint file. I will show you the detail operation in  “figure 2”.



I chose the second way to add the pdf file, just draged it to the blanks, also you can add files by clicking the “Add File” button. After adding file, compared with “figure 1”, we can see that “Remove All” went to black. It means you can remove the pdf file by clicking it. I have chosen to convert this pdf file from page 1 to page 3 then I converted it, a PowerPoint bounced to the screen in the open status. I guess I converted successfully, like the “figure 3”,


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