How to edit pdf title and producer information?

Today I am going to describe how to edit pdf title and producer information in a very brief manner. In this process, we will associate with the Advanced PDF Tools. The reason is that it is very difficult to make this function without any software. Right now I will simple introduces this software to you. This software is developed by the It can solve many functions of pdf files. For example, this software can edit pdf summary, modify open action and reduce pdf size, remove the useless objects and so on. I will give you three dialogue boxes to illustrate how to edit pdf title and producer information by using the Advanced PDF Tools. Please look at these three dialogue boxes.




Before the dialogue box 1, if you have not this software in your computer, please go to this website: And download it.

Do remember to extract it, for it is a zipped package. Install it in your computer for the future use. The important step is that you should better to register it, if not some functions of this software are disable.

Please look at the dialogue box 1(the Advanced PDF Tools V 2.0), let this software run, and drag your pdf file (LTR.NOTE.ADDITIONAL.TERMS.pdf)(ComplianceEase.html.pdf)  into this program. Click the label page “Summary”, respectively check the box “Title” and “Producer”. Separately input the “PDF”, “Charlie” into the matched light bar. Then save the change.

The dialogue box 2(document Properties), open the changed pdf file (3.1pdf), click the label page “description”, you will find that we had edited pdf title and pdf producer. The framed rectangle can show the change.

The dialogue box 3(document Properties), you need to open the before change pdf file(LTR.NOTE.ADDITIONAL.TERMS.pdf), and click the label page “description”, and I also give you red framed rectangle in order to let you compare the before and the after changing.

You see the effect is very obvious. The steps are very simple and quick. I hope that you can do it by yourself and enjoy it. The Advanced PDF Tools is useful, the interface is friendly, and the operation is very simple. So if you are interested in this software, why not go to this website: and read more articles.

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