How to hide the tool bar of pdf reader by using the Advanced PDF Tools


If you are a secretary for the CEO,you need to spend a  lot of time  reading  and checking  many electronic documents in your computer.And then you can collect all information  that your boss need it.It is a  hard time to finish this task .You often need to read the pdf file.So how to relieve your tired eye when you reading the pdf files.I think that you not only want to let the characters become big but also want to let the space of the pdf file become large.Because when we hide the tool bar of pdf reader ,we can save the space of the pdf window and also can let the space of the pdf file become concisely and simple. That’s why we need to hide the tool bar of pdf reader.So today my topic is how to hide the tool bar of pdf reader by using the Advanced PDF Tools.I hope it can provide you a good way to reduce your pressure and your tasks.

First,double click the icon of the Advanced PDF Tools,let this software run.Then drag your PDF file into this program.You can see the label pages like(Summary/Open actions/Optimize/Custom fields/About),please click the label page”Open action” ,there will appear a form ,you can see the check boxes like (Not change/hide menu bar/hide tool bar/hide window control),you need to cancel  the default status “Not change” and check the “hide tool  bar”.Then  save the change.Please look at the picture 1.


(picture 1)

Second, you  need to open the changed pdf file, then you will find the change,we had hidden your pdf reader tool bar.I also give you two screenshots(picture 2,picture 3)  in order to let you obliviously  find the effect of the change.

image (picture 2)

image (picture 3)

You see it’s very easy to make this setting,I believe that you can gradually master how to hide  pdf reader tool bar by using  the Advanced PDF Tools.If you think it is useful for your daily work,please remember go to this website and purchase it,the price is not expensive as a office worker you can totally afford it.If you have any questions ,you can contact the Inc. ,they will answer your questions in 24hours.

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