How to rotate the page when converting url to pcx?

This is a task which is harder than rotate an image or picture in your computer.Someone may ask “should I convert url to pcx first and then rotate the pcx format file in a graphics editing software?”Of course you can do it like this.But if you use HTML Converter Command Line,you can convert url to pcx and rotate the page at the same time,which means you will get a rotation pcx file when you finish in converting url to pcx format file.

HTML Converter Command Line is a powerful HTML conversion software which allows you to create previews or thumbnails of web pages in a number of different formats, such as TIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, PCX, TGA, JP2 (JPEG2000), PNM, etc. It also allows you to convert web pages to PDF, PS (postscript), WMF, EMF vector formats.HTML Converter command line application can be called from within ASP, VB, VC, Delphi, BCB, Java, .NET and COM+ etc. program languages. It uses advanced techniques to allow efficient asynchronous multithreaded operations. Please download HTML Converter Command Line at You can see HTML Converter Command Line is a zip file from the website,so you have to unzip it to your computer for using.

You can rotate the page when converting url to pcx according to the following three steps.

Step1.Run cmd.exe dialog box

This is the beginning of the conversion.You should click “start”—“run” and input “cmd” in “open” edit box of the popup dialog box.Then click “OK” button.There’s also another way to launch cmd.exe program—the hot key.You can press “Windows”+ “R” at the same time and input “cmd” in “Run” dialog box.End with “OK” .

Step2.Input command line

The command line usually contains called program,parameter,source file and target file.If you don’t want to rotate the page in the conversion and want to do it in graphic editing software,you can ignore the parameter in the command line.Please see the following structure.

htmltools.exe –rotate value output.pcx

htmltools.exe stands for the called program.It is the executable file in software HTML Converter Command Line.

–rotate value stands for the parameter about the rotation angle of source file.The value here can be set as 90,180 and 270.  stands for the source file.

output.pcx  stands for the target file.

The following example is written referring the the structure above.

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Local Settings\Temp\htmltools\htmltools.exe" -rotate 270 "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\New Folder\very.pcx"

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Local Settings\Temp\htmltools\htmltools.exe"  is the path of htmltools.exe.You must be sick of inputting a so long path.So just drag the file from its folder to save your time!

-rotate 270  means the source file will be rotated 270° clockwise.  is the URL of some webpage.

"C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\New Folder\very.pcx"  is the path and name of target file,which can be specified by you.

Step3.Find the target file.

You will find the target file in the location you have just set in the command line and just browse it with some programs such as Photoshop,IrfanView,GSview and so on.

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