Who can help me convert this BMP image to PDF file by command line?

he BMP File Format, also known as Bitmap Image File or Device Independent Bitmap (DIB) file format or simply a Bitmap, is a Raster graphics image file format used to store bitmap digital images, independently of the display device, especially on Microsoft Windows and OS/2 operating systems. If we want to print the BMP File, we should better convert them to PDF files. And if you are familiar with the DOS, software Image2PDF v3.2 is a good choice for you.

Command line version of Image2PDF (which allows you to manually issue commands or include them in scripts) as well as a CGI process which will allow, for example, a web site or intranet to convert TIFF or other image files to PDF on the fly. Image2PDF is perfect for high-volume document archive/database systems that require unattended batch image conversions (TIFF or other images) to PDF format.

Then I will show you how to use this software.

  • Image2PDF is the main component for the conversion task, please download it here. https://www.verypdf.com/tif2pdf/tif2pdf.htm#dl   Please save the package “image2pdf_cmd.exe”, it is the most important part to executive order.
  • Please click “Start” and go to “Run” then input the “cmd” in the bounced dialog box. It is the necessary steps to open a Windows command line window. For some commands and options to work in the Windows Vista and 7 command line you must run the command line as Administrator. To do this, right-click on the cmd icon and choose Run as administrator. The windows of MS Dos is like the picture shows.


  • Please drag image2pdf_cmd.exe to this window interface or you can input the word by word.  Normally speaking, the exe file will be stored in c:\Program Files , as I store this exe file in c:\Program Files  Program Files \ VeryPDF  Image PDF V3.2 \image2pdf_cmd3.2\image2pdf.exe”, so I input it in the windows.
  • Then Please input the [ option], as o stands for output, please follow on the exe file inputting the [ option] “–o”  Then input the file path. In another word which folder do you want to save this new PDF file and give a new name to it.  I name the new PDF file as newbmpfile.pdf and store it in C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\2011-9-28\file type. 


  • Drag the file bmp file you want to be converted to the windows or your can input it word by word. "C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\2011-9-28\file type\Snap6.bmp"  then press “enter”, you will see the  newbmpfile.pdf  shows up in the folder “C:\Documents and Settings\admin\Desktop\2011-9-28\file type.”


By the command line, you do not to open the GUI Version interface. If you are a webmaster, you can operate others’ computers easily.

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